God Is A Miracle Supplier!

The “Miracle” of our Lord supplying his children’s needs! I have told this testimony during preaching in our, “Revival Meetings”, and “Church Invitation meetings”, all over England.

The “Miracle” happened in the very early part of my Ministry. We had hardly any food in the house to eat, and hardly any money to buy any! My wife and I had young mouths to feed, as well as our own. So with the small amount of money we had we went on our knees, lifted it up to Heaven and ask our Lord to supply our needs according to His word! It was Saturday evening.

Early Sunday morning, a van pulled up outside our house. We didn’t recognize it. Then a man got out of it, and went to the back door, and took out, with great difficulty a very large box. He then carried it to our house, and knocked on the front door. I opened it, I was surprised to see Pastor Oliver, I hadn’t seen him for about a year, and he lived a distance from us. My wife and I looked at the large box, which he placed in front of us. He said, “I was stock taking in my Grocery Shop, and the Lord told me to bring all this food to you today.” (No one knew we had prayed, and our needs accept Jesus). We just stood there with our mouths open, what a “Miracle” answer to prayer!

We read in God’s Word, “But my God shall supply ALL YOUR NEED according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19. He keeps His Promises! Jesus loves us so much!

It is always nice to know who has visited us, please feel free to contact us, God Bless you.

Written By Rev. Arthur J. Milton


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